General FAQs

  • Where Can I purchase ZomadicShift Games?

    ZomadicShift and Pass-N-Play can both be purchased at the Walmart Market place online.

  • How many games does ZoChey have on the market?

    ZoChey has the original game ZomadicShift and ZomadicShift PASS-n-PLAY

  • How can ZomadicShift games help children?

    We encourage the use of our game as an educational tool to help children with their development. ZomadicShift constant interaction of matching may help with color recognition. The constant shifting of cards may help with cognitive flexibility and adaptation to changes which nurtures comprehension. The game fosters cooperation which may help with emotional regulation.

  • What style game is ZomadicShift games?

    ZomadicShift games are chance style which adds excitement to playing because all player has an equal chance of winning.

  • Why does ZomadicShift games have less player cards?

    The controlled number of player cards helps make the game play faster and suspenseful. Perfect for parents with limited time to play games and parents wanting to limit their kids from digital games. Best 10 minutes ever with family and friends.

  • What does ZomadicShift means?

    ZomadicShift is a made-up word derived from nomadic. Nomadic means moving from one place to another rather than living in one place. Players constantly shift their hands to another player instead of keeping the same hand during the game.

  • Who is the creator of ZomadicShift games?

    Zorina Pritchett created ZomadicShift from a dream in December 2021.

How to Play

The winner is the last player holding one or more cards.

How to Play

  • What is a simple explanation to playing the original ZomadicShift?

    The objective of the game is be the last player hold one or more cards. There are two main card plays in ZomadicShift for ages 11 to adults. Cards that reduce the player hand and cards that shift the player hand to another player. The Matching Color Cards, Give Right or Left Cards, Take Right or Left Cards and Wild Cards will reduce a player hand. The Right or Left Cards and Right or Left x2 Cards will shift the player hand to another player. The matching and shifting creates suspense throughout the game.