My Story

I am Zorina Pritchétt owner of ZoChey and creator of ZomadicShift. Creating a game from a dream was fun and challenging. I learned many lessons during the development that gave me the courage to produce the game. My story telling skills really help to bring this dream to success.

Prior to creating ZomadicShift, I retired after completing 30 years serving Veterans seeking benefits. As an Army Veteran, I learned many lessons in helping others. Now, I want to share my skills in creating products for children to engage, educate and entertain while connecting with family and friends.

The joy of hearing children’s laughter while playing my game has motivated me to share this fast interactive card game with you. As the owner of ZoChey, I am inspired to create more family friendly card games. Let us have “Gigglez and Wigglez of Fun.”

ZoChey, Woman-Owned Small Business

Our Vision

At ZoChey, we aim to:

  • create innovative products to inspire a culture of fun engagement with children, and
  • promote positive educational development with lasting connections with family and friends through entertainment.

Our Purpose

To promote engagement with children with fun activities to foster a supportive connection with family and friends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create products to engage, educate, and entertain children to nurture their development that ignite imagination and inspire creativity.

Letter to Parents

Hi Wonderful Parents,  

Have you ever experienced a dream that changed your life?  I created ZomadicShift card game from a dream. At first, I was shocked because I have never dreamed of games. Later in the day, the vision of the game danced in my mind.  No, it was not performing the Cha Cha.  The vision stayed in the forefront of my thoughts. So, the next day I decided to developed the prototype.  I went to my local hardware store and got some paint cards and a black marker.  I laid the marked cards on my bed and followed the game play in my mind.   I played it over and over and realized I enjoyed playing the game. Decided to play the game with my family and they loved it especially my granddaughters. One day the grands were over and wanted to play my game which surprised me because they loved playing digital games. We played multiple rounds, and they enjoyed the suspense and how fast the game played.  My granddaughters asked me to share this game with other children because the game was fast, interactive, and fun.  I said, “Yes without thinking.” What was I thinking?  

Wanting to be a good role model in keeping my word, I hired a graphic designer with the $2,000.00 I had in the bank and later saved up money from my pension to produce a copy of the game for testing.  After 12 months of playing the game with various ages and diverse people, I wanted to share the game with other children.  

I never imagine starting a small business at age 60 but here I am sharing my story with you. I guess we are never too old to follow our dream.  I learned many lessons during the development of this game but having the courage to try and make this dream a reality was exhausting at times.   I believe my story telling skills really help to bring this dream to success.  I imagined the impossible and wrote the plot to say possible with a happy ending.  The joy of hearing children laughter while playing ZomadicShift has motivated me to create more family friendly card games. Let our children have “Gigglez and Wigglez of Fun” connecting with family and friends.